It Was the Toilet Replacement That Did a Job on My Back

December 14, 2017


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I was doing a little renovating at our house. Just the stuff I could do. I painted the bathroom and put down a peel-and-stick plank floor that looks great. I pulled the toilet up before I did the job. We were replacing it. When I went to seat the new toilet over the flange in the floor, I hurt my back. I pulled something. I should have used a toilet jack. Yes, there is such a thing. When I told the Valley Village chiropractors I went to, they seemed to get a kick out of how I hurt my back.

I am not sure what I did. I was holding the toilet up in the air over the flange while my wife was on the floor looking to make sure I had it lined up. I was getting a bit fatigued getting it into perfect position before placing it on the floor. Those wax seals are only good for one go. Maybe it wasn’t holding the heavy toilet up in the air. Maybe it was just the whole renovation job. We both work full time, then we took on the full-time job of our home renovations. We were not getting a lot of sleep, and we were working every weekend. We got a lot done, and the bathroom was the last project. It does look great now.

A few trips to the chiropractor relieved my aching and burning back. The doctor gave me some advice on exercises to do to build up my back muscles to help prevent this from happening again in the future. All these years of working a desk job has made me soft. I used to work construction when I was a younger man, and I had no problem working all day and doing a million other things after work.